Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2013

April 25th, 2013

I started 2013 with excellent intentions to create the 4 new show cakes that I would be taking with me to exhibit in the Wedding Cake Showroom at the 2013 Squires Kitchen Exhibition.  I sat down in January and sketched out 4 cakes incorporating lots of flowers and new designs and techniques that I’d been meaning to try out, but never had the time.

I bought all the cake dummies and necessary supplies to create the cakes and….. there they sat, all lonely and forlorn in my cake room.  I had, what I thought was going to be, a lovely quiet start to the new year.  A couple of wedding cakes, a birthday cake and plenty of time to spend creating the show cakes.  However, an influx of last minute orders – including a wonderful bride who had brought her wedding forward and arranged everything in 8 weeks, amazing!! – put my plans back somewhat.

So, early March had me panicking with 13 bare dummy cakes taunting me and only 2 weeks to go.  Well, never let it be said that cake makers actually need sleep!  Several late nights and working solidly through the days (even nearly forgetting to collect my daughter from school one day when I was so engrossed in making ranunculus flowers!) and they were complete.  I hadn’t even deviated from my original sketches, all exactly as I’d planned, it was a miracle!!

Squires 2013 Collage - Flickr

JellyCake’s 2013 Squires Exhibition Wedding Cakes

Thursday 14th March saw us making the journey to Farnham to set up my display.  It was lovely to see some of the other fabulous cake designers that I had befriended last year, and to say that I was very honoured to be among the 20 cake designers exhibiting there, would be an understatement.

It was fabulous to see all of the amazing wedding cakes in the showroom and great to chat to the other designers and some of the visitors too.  I even managed to fit in a mini class with the fabulous Carlos Lischetti.  My daughter was adamant she wanted to be there, and was most excited to meet the lovely Phil Vickery and Eddie Spence who were kind enough to have a picture taken with her!

Wedding Cake Showroom 2013

The fabulous Wedding Cake Showroom at Squires Exhibition 2013

It was a fabulous few days and I’m really looking forward to next year!  Maybe I’ll even get the cakes finished a little earlier…. I doubt it, but you never know!!

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